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Frictape is the world’s largest manufacturer of safety nets for seagoing vessels. Our safety nets provide safety on offshore structures and vessels and protect helipads on leisure yachts, onshore heliports and high-rise rooftops. Our latest product is an innovative Circle & H lighting solution Netlight. Smart engineering means that with Frictape, you can save up to 80% in your safety net costs vs traditional safety nets. With our high-performance nets, you can be sure that your operations run safely and smoothly.

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Helideck Landing Net

Our helideck landing nets provide friction for all offshore helicopter landing decks, ensuring that all operations
 are safe for helicopters and personnel on the deck.

Frictape Perimeter Net

With effortless installation and standard-exceeding strength, our custom-made perimeter safety nets provide certified safety for all personnel operating on helideck.

Circle & H Netlight

Frictape Circle & H Netlight is a groundbreaking solution for helideck circle & H lighting. Our innovative, standard-complying approach integrates lights directly into the landing net, making fixed light structures on the helideck surface unnecessary.

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Circle & H Netlight installed on DPPA

Our team was faced with high winds, broken cranes and stuck pigs (those small and sometimes not-so-small pipe cleaners) to get Netlight installed on DPPA


Circle & H Netlight on West Hercules Upgraded

Our technicians were fighting high winds, fog and freezing conditions last week when upgrading Netlight trial to new circle configuration – certainly weather-wise the toughest

Cases & references


Chevron Erskine Platform

Chevron Erskine is an unmanned platform located approximately 150 miles away from the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland. In 2006 Frictape Landing Net followed by Frictape Perimeter Nets were installed to the platform.


Fugro Synergy

Fugro Synergy is Multi-Purpose Drilling, Well Intervention and Geotechnical Vessel. It represents a new generation, high technology drillship built in response to increasing demand for cost effective drilling solutions.


Mermaid Siam

Frictape designed and manufactured Perimeter Safety Nets for Mermaid Siam with a very fast schedule in September 2014. The whole process from the design to the delivery from Finland to United Arab Emirates was completed in two weeks.

Increased Safety and Durability

Safety, usability and costs of helideck nets are determined by the combination of material, design and installation method. Designed to last, our nets are extremely durable and resistant to diverse weather conditions.

Unique material used in our nets provides an optimal combination of strength, durability and lightness. Frictape material is a blend of man-made and natural fibers. In addition to high durability and UV resistance, material is electrostatically safe and non-flammable.

From maintenance point of view, Frictape is more advantageous than stainless steel net. Additionally, I did select Frictape because I believed that it would last longer than stainless steel safety net and HCA inspector highly recommended Frictape.

Dariusz BudaMaster / Fugro Synergy

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