A Jackup with new Perimeter Safety Nets installed by Frictape

The new Frictape Perimeter Safety Nets where recently installed in a very timely manner to Seajacks Zaratan – led by Frictape technician Jonathan Brundle.

  • Europe

  • 2016


Seajacks Zaratan


Seajacks Zaratan is a jackup where we installed new Perimeter Safety Nets, work was led by our technician Jonathan (Johnny) Brundle.

“I am writing to pass on our thanks for the service your company provided regarding the installation of the Frictape around the Seajacks Zaratan helideck.  Your representative, installation/service engineer Jonathan Brundle provided an excellent service whilst on-board.  His work rate, safety culture and situational awareness was exceptional throughout.  Thanks to his patients with our own deck crew who were assisting, his thoroughness and professionalism, the frictape netting was successfully installed in a very timely manner.  Johnny was a true credit to Frictape and a pleasure to have working on-board.”

Please convey our thanks.

Kind Regards,

Neil MacLeod
Chief Mate, Seajacks Zaratan



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