DIFFS Test with Frictape Landing Net with Matre Maskin

October 24th 2017

On September 26 we arranged a test with Matre Maskin to find out how our Landing Nets work with Deck Integrated Fire Fighting Systems (DIFFS); key question was if the landing net impacts or hampers the performance of DIFFS as latest CAP437  guideline is not recommending landing nets to be used on a DIFFS equipped helideck.

CLICK HERE  for one great video from the day – on left side is just DIFFS with no landing net and on right Frictape Landing Net is installed in worst possible way (right on top of DIFFS). Based on the results from the day, it is safe to say that Frictape Landing Nets are safe to use on a DIFFS equipped helideck ! We have also submitted a report for UK CAA’s review