Safe and Secure Deliveries and Installations also during COVID-19 Restrictions

September 28th 2020

Our entire industry has been impacted by COVID-19 in a significant way – one of the biggest impacts has been restrictions on travel which has often meant that our technicians have not been able to travel to install our products, or at least travels have been complicated.

To enable operations to continue and our customers to install and use our helideck safety solutions, we have innovated a remote supervision  installation solution:  With the combination of local team and our remote supervisor working from homebase, we are able to plan, coordinate and ensure correct ways of working in installing our products – without any long distance travelling required.

Our preference is to get our techs on site, but when not feasible the remote delivery and supervision concept delivers next best thing, starting already from our factory floor. All key steps can be done without need to travel

  1. REMOTE PRODUCT CHECK / FAT: using high quality audio and video, our clients can check and confirm the functionality of the systems they have purchased before they are shipped out from our factory
  2. REMOTE INSTALLATION SUPERVISION: Our supervisor works remotely with the local team, using a step by step remote installation process to plan, take action and confirm each installation step as done correctly. Result is correctly done and verified installation without need for long distance travel to allow rigs, vessels and platforms to continue operating efficiently and safely

With these innovations in the ways we work, we want to help everyone in the industry to manage the complicated, and frequently changing, situation with COVID-19. We believe many of these ways of working will also continue well into the future, also beyond COVID pandemic

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