Quality accessories for quality nets


In addition to high quality helideck net solutions, we supply number of safety net accessories that can be supplied with the nets or as separate orders. Dimensions and quantities of our accessories are always made to fit your need.


Ratchets are used to tighten the landing net to correct tension. Our ratchets have been designed to work in the best possible way in challenging helideck conditions. As usage needs and helideck structures vary, we have several different options available. All our ratchet parts are stainless steel.


Tiedowns are specifically designed to attach a helideck landing net between the net and mounting point. All Frictape nets come with tiedowns.

Our tiedowns are of the highest quality and materials. Should a tiedown break, we offer replacements for all purposes. We carry stock sizes and also provide custom-made, specific sizes for individual needs.

Prohibited Landing Flags

At times it may be necessary to prohibit the use of a helideck. When a helideck cannot be used, the situation should be indicated with the international ‘landing prohibited’ signal. Our ‘landing prohibited’ flags are supplied with a wooden case. The flag ropes are made of highly durable black polyester.

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