The world's safest and most certified perimeter net

Frictape Perimeter Net

Frictape Perimeter Net offers market-leading safety and smooth operations for all personnel operating on deck. Out nets are uniquely designed and custom-built for your helideck, providing standard-exceeding strength, reliable functionality and lowest lifetime costs in the industry.

Our perimeter nets are installed in days vs typically weeks for metal mesh based nets; this means that with product and installation costs taken into account, Frictape is in practice always the lowest cost option !


We offer now 5 year product warranty when our Perimeter Nets are installed by Frictape technicians 

The safest perimeter net on the market

Frictape Perimeter Nets are the safest on the market for a solid reason: they do not have weak points. Our nets produce a safe and effective hammock effect that absorbs the kinetic energy of falling objects or persons without fear of re-bounce.

The benefits of balanced strength and fail-safe structure of Frictape Perimeter Net come into effect especially when the net is damaged: even several cuts will not affect its ability to safely stop and contain a falling person. This results in market-leading safety and reliability, so you can always be sure that your operations run safely and smoothly.

As a proof of excellence, our Perimeter Nets are used in over 500 locations globally.

See how our perimeter net performs in a pull-through test which is the official way of testing the strength of perimeter nets: (and if you are interested, check out also the comparison to metal mesh net here)

Certified and tested quality

Frictape Perimeter Nets are always tested thoroughly in laboratory conditions with more than 10 000 kg’s force, as well as with rigorous, real-life dynamic testing. As a proof of the safety and compliance to standards, our nets hold the ABS and DNV type approval certificates that make our nets one of a kind in the offshore world.

Our Perimeter Nets are also the only nettings in the market that fully comply with CAP437 and UK Oil & Gas guidance. Based on extensive field testing in challenging conditions, the strength of our nets is known to exceed the CAP437 requirements with a good margin up to the end of their estimated lifetime 10 years.

Convenience and safety over extended lifetime

The material used in our Perimeter Nets is a unique blend of manmade and natural fibers, developed by Frictape. The material effectively resists UV radiation and other weather caused abrasions such as heat, moisture and seagull guano. This results in an extremely durable net that has a market-leading lifetime expectancy of up to 10 years, which is significantly longer – and also safer – than traditional solutions.

For superior reliability and convenience, our Perimeter Nets come with a unique, integrated testing solution that delivers reliable and cost-effective, yet effortless annual testing to ensure the safety of your helideck. This offers you reliable information about the current condition of your nets at all times – and allows
you to plan all work well beforehand, making sure that any maintenance can be executed effectively and safely.

For easy transportation, Frictape Perimeter Net packaging is designed to fit through standard vessel doors and to be carried in stairs. Every net is individually packed and numbered, minimizing hassle in installations and possible future repairs.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Frictape Perimeter Nets provide true value for your investments. Easy installation, long lifetime, convenient testing and effortless repair of our nets leads to concrete savings with predictable investment costs and minimum downtime.

Installing our nets is a fast and simple task, normally taking only a few days. Each module is tailor-made to fit a specific location, and all modules and parts have identical, marketleading life-spans of 10 years, doubling the lifetime of competing nets.

The maintenance and repair costs of our nets are extremely low due to standardized failsafe installation and structure. The condition of each piece can be verified by visual examination and annual testing. If any part needs to be changed, unique numbering ensures that parts can be identified and changed correctly. The replacement condition of our nets is defined by the strictest UK Oil & Gas Guidance for perimeter nets.

All this combined with easy handling, storage and transport guarantee lowest total cost of ownership in any operations.

Effortless and fails-safe installation

Frictape Perimeter Nets have been designed to be installed as effortlessly as possible, without compromising the safety of the final result or installation team. Our nets are always installed using a standardized and reliable process, developed exclusive for this purpose. The actual installation is extremely straight-forward and can be done without any tools.

All our nets are custom-made, including attachment points to ensure correct installation. They can be tailored for various obstacles and allow measurement inaccuracies. The net attachments are made with same textile material as the nets themselves, eliminating extra joiners or frames which normally are the weakest links.

In most cases, installation can be completed in a few days. For most efficient and correct installation, we recommend using our Global Installation Services, made up of very experienced, IRATA L2 and L3 rope access professionals. We also offer extended 5 year product warranty when installation is carried out by us.

In addition to individually numbered and packed nets, you always receive a helideck layout that shows the location of each net, plus clear installation instructions on paper and on an English-spoken DVD.

For more information and quotation contact us. 

From maintenance point of view, Frictape is more advantageous than stainless steel net. Additionally, I did select Frictape because I believed that it would last longer than stainless steel safety net and HCA inspector highly recommended Frictape.

Dariusz BudaMaster / Fugro Synergy

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Frictape Perimeter Net Datasheet

  • Helideck Perimeter Safety Net

  • Frictape Perimeter Safety Net

  • To prevent personnel from falling off the deck

  • Custom made: varies depending on the existing structure

  • 7013-101

  • >>Drop energy absorbent structure, able to withstand and contain a falling or tripping person

    >>Failsafe construction: Any single element loss does not result in any further loss of structural  integrity of the remaining panel structure

    >> When new, the pullthrough energy absorption capacity is 8 kJ for a representative panel

    >> Mesh size 9 cm x 9 cm

    >> Electrostatically safe, non-flammable

  • CAP 437 (February 2013)

    UK Oil&Gas Guidance for Perimeter Nets (February 2008)

    ICAO Heliport manual, Third Edition, 9261-AN/903

    NORMAM01/DPC Capitulo 6

    DNV-OS-E401 Helicopter decks

    ABS Rules for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units 2012 Part 5

    USCG 46 CFR, Part 108.235