Medium sized National Oil Companies spend annually EUR 20-30 million in helideck nets costs when all costs are taken into account


Perimeter_Quick_installBy using Frictape nets you can save over 70% on those costs. That’s why we are the largest manufacturer of helideck safety nets in the world.

Cost savings come from installation and maintenance costs which are reduced to minimum as a result of our research and engineering done over several decades in aviation textiles.

Initial purchasing cost with conventional helideck nets (made of sisal/manilla) and perimeter safety nets (made of metal or nylon) are in most cases only 1/20 of the total. Most of the costs come from installation and maintenance as the manufacturers of these nets have not spent effort on streamlining and simplifying the installation and maintenance processes. When the entire lifetime of the nets is well thought through and taken into account in product design, initial purchase price the nets can be 50% of the total lifetime costs, i.e. maintenance is proportionally much lower cost.





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In most cases poorly designed nets installation takes up to several weeks. For the installation you will need a standby boat and in minimum three persons rope access team. In contrast, with Frictape the installation is taken care of in a matter of few days.

After installation, costs arise from constant adjustment of landing nets and testing costs added with unexpected repairs due to unforeseen problems that are discovered in random order. With right engineering approach, these costs are reduced to a fraction while maintaining highest level of safety and keeping deck compliant and certified 24/7.




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Frictape – we have the world’s safest safety nets that are also the lowest cost

Helideck Landing Net

Our helideck landing nets provide friction for all offshore helicopter landing decks, ensuring that all operations
 are safe for helicopters and personnel on the deck.

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Frictape Perimeter Net

With effortless installation and standard-exceeding strength, our custom-made perimeter safety nets provide certified safety for all personnel operating on helideck.

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Circle & H Netlight

Frictape Circle & H Netlight is a groundbreaking solution for helideck circle & H lighting. Our innovative, standard-complying approach integrates lights directly into the landing net, making fixed light structures on the helideck surface unnecessary.

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In addition to high quality helideck net solutions, we supply a number of safety net accessories that can be supplied with the nets or as separate orders. Dimensions and quantities of our accessories are always made to fit your need.

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Derrick Net

Our reliable, custom-made Derrick Nets prevent cables and hoses from becoming entangled with the drilling derrick structures.

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Moonpool Net

Our Moonpool Nets effectively prevent persons and large equipment from falling into a moonpool of a vessel.

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I would definitely recommend Frictape to other helidecks, after been dealing with other kind of net mesh (e.g. wire mesh), we found that the product is way better than any other type.

Pablo SilvaChief Officer / Mermaid Siam

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