Highest Quality, Accurate Helideck Safety Net Services

Our expert services are carried out by our own qualified personnel, complementing our top-quality products in a truly customer-oriented way – offshore or onshore. With customer satisfaction score well over 9 out of max 10, we continue to meet and surpass your expectations. Let us find the best solution for your needs !


World’s Most Advanced Testing Process for Perimeter Nets and NEW Helideck Friction Testing Services

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Unique design and construction of Frictape Nets allow for hassle-free and fast installation. To avoid wasting much-needed resources on your side, we also offer professional, highly qualified personnel for installation projects.

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Friction Testing

We are true experts in Helideck safety. Our products are used in well over thousand helidecks worldwide. So if you need any help in planning new or repairing old we can help you.

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