Make sure your helideck meets the new friction criteria

Friction Testing


CAP437, 8th Edition introduced new requirements for helideck annual friction testing, for frequency of the testing as well as how testing needs to be carried out and what the acceptance limits are.


To help you to verify the compliance of your helideck against these new requirements, we provide fully CAP437 compliant friction testing services with full reporting and data required for helideck certification. Service is carried out by one technician with friction testing equipment that meets all set requirements. Testing typically takes less than half a day, although it is good to reserve one full day for this to leave some buffer for e.g. undesired weather conditions.


After the test is carried out, our technician can share quick feedback based on the data collected, and we will issue full report for you to ensure you can keep your helideck fully certified. We provide friction testing services around the world, also in hard to reach locations, to give you the service you can expect from Frictape.


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