Repeated testing for extended safety


Our helideck safety nets far exceed industry standards. Our thorough, yet effortless testing procedures ensure safe functionality of all our products over their entire lifetime.

Laboratory testing made easy

The most reliable helideck safety net testing is done in a laboratory environment. As removing safety nets and sending them for testing is costly and impractical, Frictape safety nets come with integrated test straps, one of which can be detached annually and sent to our laboratory for testing. Our customers receive report on actual condition of the nets as well as estimated remaining lifetime. This transparency is vital for e.g. budgeting purposes – you know when nets need to be renewed.

Frictape helideck safety nets far exceed the strength required by industry standards. Their fail-safe assembly method and easy testing procedures ensure functionality over the entire lifetime.

From maintenance point of view, Frictape is more advantageous than stainless steel net. Additionally, I did select Frictape because I believed that it would last longer than stainless steel safety net and HCA inspector highly recommended Frictape.

Dariusz BudaMaster / Fugro Synergy